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To Some, I'm Just Momma

For the most part I don’t change too much in my day to day. I don’t have the cleanest vocabulary but I do have a good heart. I truly believe the world would be a better place if we could all just get along, let each other be our true selves, and cheer each other on vs tearing each other down. That being said, I’m also as much a realist as I am a dreamer.

There are times however when I clean up my act just a little bit. I’ll never be too polished, I actually enjoy my rough edges. I’m not for everyone but that’s ok. Once you’re included in my circle you’ll know despite my feisty mouth and sarcasm I’m actually a pretty good person.

Why am I telling you this? Well let me tell you a little story first. The week that schools would be celebrating Valentines Day, I had the kids, which meant I would be in charge of getting the valentines taken care of. However there was a mix up during the prior week at their dad’s, and bags, along with notes about class parties vanished. Without the notes, my brain didn’t comprehend that it was already basically the middle of February. Throw in some bad weather that kept us from leaving the house and you could say I was screwed.

So I decided to put on my crafty pants and make some Valentines for the kids to take to school. My 4 year old was very excited about them, so I sent a picture to my kids dad. He immediately asked if I put my logo on them anywhere, I of course said “no” because Pirate Momma isn’t always that kid friendly. Later after S mentioned that if I had bought Hallmark cards, they would be branded, I had a thought….

So much of my blog revolves around the fact that I have kids, hence the “momma”. Just because I use humor and foul language to paint my stories about what motherhood looks like for me, doesn’t make me any less of a mom. I give hugs and kisses, sing good night songs, get on the floor and play, make them meals that they will probably bitch about even though it was their favorite last week. I listen to their non stop stories about Minecraft and unicorns, I’ve made countless cakes, and gift baskets, and a quilt for their school. Every thing I do, I do with them in mind.

I don’t think that me trying to stay sane by laughing at the hard stuff in life makes me a Rated R person across the board. I’ve also got some very G moments as well. I hold the belief that letting my kids see all the sides of me will help them to be more well rounded people. My kids know that I have big dreams for Pirate Momma as a business but also that those dreams will turn into the reality of what I’ll be able to provided them in life. Letting them see the long hours I put in will help them understand that you have to work hard for the things you want. They see me frustrated, and hear the bad words. But they also see me happy and speaking their love language. I could go on, but the point is… that to the rest of the world I may be a salty Pirate Momma but to my kids, I’m just Momma.

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