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The Crew I Feed

There’s an uncountable number of recipes on this earth and still a number one household question is “what’s for dinner?” So what I’ve decided to do is track my family’s weekly meals and post them here on the site.

Here’s a little background on my family:

2 adults - one who works out and eats pretty clean, that’s S. Then there’s me, who in theory doesn’t mind eating clean but loves carbs and snacks. I also like the idea of fitness but don’t actually like to work out. The kids are your standard run of the mill, not too adventurous eaters, ages 10, 8, and 4. I try to make things that don’t include ingredients they don’t like, but they are really inconsistent. One day they love spaghetti,next time they act like I’m serving them dirt. They don’t like peppers, onions, or spinach but if I dice it finely, they usually don’t complain about it. We also started a rule that if you don’t finish your meal, it’s the next thing you eat and there will be no snacks in between. I don’t do this in a Mommy Dearest way I promise. It’s been really effective and lessened the dinner time problems we were constantly having.

So now that you have a background on the people I feed, let’s dive into my weekly meal planning schedule (ish). I have the kids every other week, So half the month it’s the 5 of us and the other half just the adults, with the exception of having the kids after school most days. This translates to me needing to always pay close attention to what I buy and how much.

S eats a lot of red meat, not a lot of carbs. He could give you a better in detail explanation, all I know is the most consistent things I buy are steaks, ground beef, rice, chicken stock, spinach and peppers. He doesn’t need as much variety and also doesn’t seem to have the wild food cravings that I battle with multiple times a week.

I’m more of a grazer or I’ll skip a lot of meals if I don’t have something easy to grab. In college I would prep my meals and snacks for the week ( back before meal prep was “in” and Pinterest existed) and that really kept me on track. After having kids I scraped by with whatever was leftover from their meals and I ate one huge dinner. Now I’m really ready to get back into taking better care of myself and have wrapped my mind around prepping meals again.

That’s what led me to making these posts. It keeps me more accountable and it helps you guys when you’re stuck in a dinner rut and are in need of ideas.

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