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Shopping Trip-December 8, 2020

This trip was mainly for a specific dinner, snacks, and meal prep for S to take to work. So it differs a bit from what a typical shopping trip looks like, mainly in size. Most of these things are included every time I buy groceries so it‘s a really good base to start with.

I’ll break this down into meals for so it’s easier to see what we’re getting.

Drinks obviously. The tea makes a good substitute when we don’t want water, there’s not a lot of pop in this house. Although there is a lot of Monster consumed here. The cranberry juice and lemons are for mom juice

The sweet peppers, ground beef or chicken, spinach, rice, chicken stock and bone broth will get used for Monster Mash. This is a meal that is made in bulk and always in the fridge. I was really surprised that the kids like it too since it has spinach and peppers.

We had the steak, potatoes and salad for dinner before a concert since eating in restaurants isn’t really that enjoyable right now. I generally just buy a bag of potatoes but since it was just one meal for the two of us I opted for the quick way.

I also grabbed strawberries, a meat and cheese platter for easy snacking and Cholula is always in the house. I’ll eat it with the above mentioned monster mash, anything that someone else would put ketchup on, pizza, breakfast burritos. I also mix it with sour cream, chili powder and cumin for a quick and tasty dip.

This trip I shopped at our local small town supermarket #shoplocal which means when it comes to online savings, they’re not always as high. However even the cents do add up, especially with the bonuses. There are several money saving apps but I really like using

This trip I got back $2.10

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