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Shopping Trip - December 11, 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It has occurred to me that I look like a ridiculous shopper. I don’t usually go to the store this many times a week. But these weeks are a little different with S being gone for weeks at a time and needing to bring his own meals. The kids not being here for part of the week then back again for another full week. Also, I unpacked the fridge 3 times For this picture. The first one, because I forgot to take a picture. The next two times because I forgot to add things that I bought. When I thought I was done with all those shenanigan, I grabbed my Ipad to get to work..... and it was sitting on a box of eggs. I was not about to drag it all back out a fourth time so I’ll had this disclaimer: Eggs not included.

As I was filling out my weekly meal plan, it dawned on me that if I do my shopping Friday morning it really makes more sense for the way my weeks are set up. Fri-Fri means I’m always shopping for the same number of people, instead of planning meals Mon-Mon, which would mean part of the week I’m shopping for 5 and the other part for 2.

This week I was mostly shopping for 4. I got the noodles, beef stock, sour cream, mushrooms, (I already had steak) for Beef Stroganoff.

The beef, white bread, and cheese is for Grilled Cheese Sloppy Joes

I already had chicken, chicken stock, heavy cream, celery and pie crust from the previous grocery trip, so I bought peas & carrots to make chicken pot pie.

The Macaroni noodles, Gouda and Cheddar are for Macaroni and Cheese that we will have with Grilled Chicken Bites and a veggie.

I bought the snack sticks, Kind bars, Goldfish and apples for snacks through out the week. I alternate AM snacks with Goldfish or a Kind Bar (only one kid is home for AM snack) and PM snack will either be Beef and Cheese (flashback to the mall Santa scene in Elf) or Apple slices with Peanut Butter.

I already had beef, so I got taco shells for well...Tacos. I used Walmart Pickup and they didn’t have two of the cheeses I asked for but, you get the idea.

I’ll use the rice and chicken I already bought for some sort of chicken and rice meal. We’ll also have a pizza roll up with the sauce, pepperoni’s, cheese and dough that we have in the fridge.

I shopped though Ibotta at Walmart with Pickup, and earned:

Any Brand Fresh Ground Turkey: 10 cents

Any Brand Fabric Softener: 10 cents

Kind Healthy Grain: $1.00

Kind Bonus: 50 cents

Walmart Pickup: 2.00

TOTAL: $3.70

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