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Road Trippin’ part 1

We had been stuck inside for months and as the weeks had ticked by, one by one everything that was on our calendar had been cancelled. The wanderer in me was going stir crazy and I couldn’t stay put for another day. Sitting on the back porch around 8pm I looked over at S and said “ I have to get out of here, lets go.” With no for sure destination in mind, I packed an overnight bag. I knew we had to be back the next day to pick up the kids so that narrowed down how far we could go. I landed on a dark sky location (social distancing ya know?) “East or West?” He asked. I chose East then about 10 minutes down the road realized all the parks to the East were closed, West it is!

We drove through the night and by the time we got to our destination the forecasted clear sky was completely cloudy. No stars in sight. It was a last minute trip and nothing went as planned but we had a great time. Just jumping in the car, not knowing where we were going or what we would do when we got there. That short trip reminded me that the things we remember most will likely be those unplanned, small moments. It’s also those moments that can lead you to something amazing, even if it is unplanned.

This trip led to another back to back, 3 kids, 6 states, no plan road trip. I know what you’re thinking - am I crazy!?! Yeah, I just might be!

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