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PSO: I Wasn't Talking About You

I speak in general terms, I won’t be all passive aggressive and not tell you what I think about you. If you’re in my life , that means I care about you in some capacity. If I’ve reached out to you it’s because I think you seem pretty fucking cool and I hope you don’t prove me wrong.

I love watching my blog grow from literally nothing. If you know me, or have read many of my posts, you know that my list of friends is small. When I started this blog I think I had 35ish friends on Facebook and a good portion of those people were from my boyfriends family and I had 1 follower on Instagram. As much fun as it is to see it grow, there’s been some headache with people assuming I was speaking about them. This is what I ask…. “Have I ever told you that I have this particular problem with you, yes or no?” If the answer is yes, then your’e wasting our time asking, you know where I stand. If it’s no but if you have read yourself into something I wrote, I urge you to take a good look at yourself, it may be uncomfortable but it will probably be beneficial.

A trait I posses that I personally love, even if others can’t say the same. Is that I will always tell you the truth. Even if it makes me look like a bitch. I would like to talk about it and move on. Whether that means our relationship grows or burns out. I’ve said I don’t want fair weather friends. I don’t need someone to only be there for the easy days. I don’t need you to sugar coat anything for me, I can handle the truth and I prefer it. If you look me in the eye and lie to me. I may not say anything at the moment, but you’re as good as gone. The same goes for me finding out you talked about me behind my back. Did someone ask you in vague detail about something I told you fully about in confidence? There is a reason that person doesn’t know, so if you’re looking for a good response, try; “it’s not my story to tell”.

I’m an open book to those I know have my back. If I’m not telling you something it’s because I’m not 100% sure about you yet. It could also be that there are some things I’ll never talk about to anyone. So for those of you who are reading my blog and feeling personally attacked, my door is always open, we can talk about it if you’re ok with the truth, but chances are…I probably didn’t know I was talking about you.

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