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One of parentings biggest stressors

I don’t know how things go down at your house but here, a constant problem I have when it comes to raising children is chores. When I was pregnant with my first kid, I said that from a young age he (and any additional kids) would be familiar with chores. I was going to raise kids that know how to take care of themselves and their things. By the time they left the nest, I wouldn’t have to worry that they couldn’t do the basics. Ah what grand dreams I had.

Fast forward 10 years and I still haven’t found the thing that works. I’ve tried (and made) so many lists and systems. They’ve taken up the fridge space and been largely ignored after a week. I don’t like micromanaging them and they don’t think they should be micromanaged. Every request to pick up after themselves is met with slumped over body language (bc they are smart enough to not roll their eyes and talk back) the complaining however is endless and I’m in constant search of a way to stop the fights over chores, keep track of things they have each accomplished, how much money they have earned etc.

A couple days ago I saw and ad for RoosterMoney. It’s an app that lets you schedule chores, give (and keep track of allowance), and manage how there money is saved/spent. There are several similar apps out there so I thought I’d give a few a try and see which (if any) work best for my family.

Over the next month or so I’m going to give these apps a good shot, and then write about our experience with it. I am in no way affiliated with RoosterMoney or Homey and even if I was, I’ll always be 100% transparent and real about the products/services I talk about on my blog.

So here’s to hoping that this will finally be the thing that sticks! I’m setting everything up today and will talk my kids through it after school. I’ll do a bi-monthly update (I have the kids every other week).

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