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What the hell is Pirate Momma?

You know those women that are a little hard to get to know? Some people love them and you hear “ she has the best heart” “she always has my back” but maybe you’ll also hear “that woman is a bitch”. Yeah well that‘s me. My resting bitch face, heavy sarcasm, introvert personality, and dirty mind/mouth tendencies usually land me in the do not approach category. Pair this with the wall I keep up because I’ve been burned too many times to count; but also know my self worth enough to not put up with people who don’t treat me the way I want to be treated, and what you get is a woman that is hard to get to know. However, take the time to get to know me and you’ll see that my no B.S. personality, you do you - I do me mentality, and my openness towards the people I care about, actually makes me a really good friend. You’ll never need to worry about not being 100% you in my company. We don’t have to have the same thoughts and ideas to be friends. I’ll always tell you my truth but never in a way that is hurtful or rude. I’ll always have your back, even if I don’t agree with your decisions. My door is always open, and I’ll try my hardest to remember to actually send that text I was sending. I’m not perfect, I have faults. My life is busy and messy and perfectly imperfect. I feel the intense stress and insane highs of motherhood. I try, and usually fail to remember that other part of me that isn’t a mother, but a wild, carefree, fun loving, adventure seeking, gypsy soul kinda gal.

This is Pirate Momma. A space where imperfect people trying the best they can, gather to reach out and forge new friendships. A place where you can gather new ideas, see a subject through a different lens than the ones you wear. I‘ll never pretend to have all the answers, because I don’t. I won’t sugar coat anything because that isn’t who I am. I’m not for everybody ( I have the shirt to prove it)

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