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Cheesy Chicken Dip

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This one is a crowd pleaser and that’s all I’m going to say because I know you’re here for the recipe. Not my life history with this dip. One more thing, you can find all of my favorite things at the bottom of this post.

Things you’re gonna need:

1-2 lbs of chicken

2.5 tsp of southwesten chipotle seasoning

1 - 8oz pkg cream cheese

3 green onions - diced

2 cups jolby jack cheese - shredded

1 red bell pepper- strips or diced

8 oz sour cream

1/4 cup cilantro- diced

Tortilla chips (or any other dip transportation you favor)

I prefer to prep all my veggies for ease, and I’m going to assume you have done this as well so if you get to step 3 and I say add green onions, I mean the onions you have already diced. I’m NOT asking you to fold 3 whole green onions into cream cheese. I’m not THAT crazy.

Sprinkle chicken with half of your seasoning. Place chicken on your favorite baking pan (the one I use can be found below) cover with foil and bake at 350 til done - time will depend on the cut you are using. I like to use tenderloins and they usually take 13-15 mins.

Take a sip of your favorite beverage and lets get to step 2

Soften cream cheese in medium microwavable bowl. Mix well. Add the green onions, rest of seasoning, cilantro, and half of the cheese, red bell pepper, and sour cream. Mix it all up.

By now your chicken is probably done, and its time to dice it or shred it ( your choice) I use a pizza cutter to make mine small chunks. Whatever floats your boat!

Spread the cream cheese mixture onto your baking pan, fold in chicken, top with remaining cheese and bake until bubbly. ( found by accident that getting the cheese a little brown is really delicious, but you do what ever feels right)

Top in with more green onion and cilantro if your feeling fancy and serve.

Caution: This dip is the equivalent of eating pizza rolls back in college. Your probably gonna want to get in there immediately and it’s going to be hot.

Things I use and some other things I don’t:

I don’t measure anything ever, I season things til my ancestors tell me to stop. So its likely that I use more seasoning than what I said. I know this recipe is delicious because it’s what I used the first time I made it. If you can’t find a southwest chipotle seasoning (pamper chef has a good one so does Mrs. Dash), using a combo of chili pepper, cumin, garlic salt and a tiny bit of paprika is a good alternative.

Using a little more or less of any ingredient will most likely still give you great results, meaty cheese is very forgiving.

I use a LOT of pampered chef for someone who doesn’t sell it, have a lot of parties, or have an insane income- and this pan is AMAZING. The white large round stone! At the time of me writing this, Pampered Chef is OUT of stoneware, but I’ll add a link when it’s back.

Disclaimer: There are links on this page to products I use. I do not make any gain (financial or otherwise) I have simply included links so they are easy for you to find. I will always disclose any affliliate links that I may use. So lets review- links on this page are products I love, but I am not promoting them for my own gain. I just like sharing things I love.

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